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AAASH Hospital has grown to become one of the leading Healthcare and research Centres since its inception in the city, especially in terms of the goodwill that the people of this place have bestowed on us. The Centre reflects the essence of its mission, vision and values in entirety, which is the health security of children particularly neo-natals. Our commitment to offering effective services and treatment options can be seen through the success rate of our treatment and the cases we take up.

We are an ethical, transparent group and follow purely ‘evidence based medicine’. There are many facilities in our hospital supporting comprehensive treatment facilities for newborns. The charges of facilities and health care treatments offered by us caters for all strata of our society. Currently our team is primarily involved with the causes of neonatal. The Centre offers comprehensive and diversified range of treatment facilities for children. Its resident and visiting doctors are specialists with a wide range of national and international exposure. The Centre has an in-house pharmacy with round-the-clock services. Aaash Hospital takes pride in affirming that it relies its pillars on the shoulders of all the strategically trained specialists, veteran nurses and occupational therapists who are committed to the responsibilities assigned to them.

Even though the AAASH Hospital and research center has just been a few years old but the journey appears to be quite eventful. We tend to gear up to perfection with each passing day. Our desires to nourish and nurture healthy newborns have been further amplified by the passionate supportive team, quality service, their unquestionable loyalty and wonderful success ratio.

We aim to to set and practice high standards through an effective Quality Management System to assure that our services meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and patients. We also want to be committed to providing the highest quality of care to the children whom we serve.

  1. 1. To become one of the centers of excellence and expertise in the field of child health care in the state and beyond
  2. 2. To provide the best available care at very affordable cost.
  3. 3. To reach out to all possible strata of children, extending our services to the best of their needs
  • ❖ Strive hard to deliver the best of available services to every patient who visit us
  • ❖ Frank and clear communication which promotes trust and ensures conducive environment
  • ❖ Professional and dignified treatment to those we work with and those we treat
  • ❖ Quality service by paying attention to the minutest details of the needs of our patients and all our clients
  • ❖ Accept change and continuous steps towards improvement of services